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Three Teeth, Inc. stands at the helm of technological advancement as the parent company of Modern Labyrinth and other innovative ventures. Based in Orange County, CA, we're a conglomerate of diverse businesses and ventures, all united under the Three Teeth banner. Our role is to nurture, lead, and revolutionize multiple sectors with our visionary approach.

Three Teeth, Inc. is dedicated to pioneering change and excellence across various industries. Our mission is to create, invest in, and nurture businesses that redefine their sectors, always aiming to go beyond the ordinary.

Portfolio Companies

Modern Labyrinth

Crafting bespoke software solutions that drive business growth.

Founded in 2015, Modern Labyrinth emerged not just as a business but as a manifesto against the constraints of the typical 9 to 5 grind. Our inception was driven by a desire to challenge the inefficiencies of the superficial gloss of fancy agencies

Modern Labyrinth approaches each project and client relationship with a scientific methodology. This approach ensures that solutions are not only creative and cutting-edge but also precise, reliable, and tailored to specific needs.

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